Buy Youtube Views for promoting your video

buy youtube views


Are you looking to Buy youtube views cheap? YouTube is probably the best marketing platforms around. Lots of people from old and young tune in to enjoy the several videos that they are interested in. Milions of videos are uploaded everyday and watched by billions of people around the world.

If you aren’t acquainted with YouTube, it’s a website in which people share videos they’ve developed and created based on their interests. The information of these videos could be practically anything, so long as it is not adult or aggressive. The truly amazing benefit of YouTube is that advertising is allowed, making this great for traffic generation.So if you are a business owner or a an aspiring musicians, then you could pull in a lot of traffic to your website by uploading videos on YouTube.

The marketing that is carried out on YouTube, needs to be subtle, rather than obvious. The video will need to have details regarding the subject that is offered. If you are marketing your site, it ought to be done after the video having a URL that isn’t too short or not long.

It is crucial to get the views on YouTube video. Unless your video has lots of video, it wont be ranked by YouTube and hence it will not be seen naturally by people searching for your keywords.This creates a need for purchasing YouTube views. Now, if you buy youtube views, it will have good ranking on YouTube for your keywords and hence, when people search your keywords, they will find it easily and watch it.

There are a lot of websites who sell YouTube views but not all views sold help your video to rank! There are many kind of views and not all of them are helpful. Fake or botted views can get your video banned from YouTube. So it is essential to purchase YouTube views from a legitimate provider who sells views that are safe.

Another important aspect of purchasing YouTube views is that the views must be hi retention (time watched views). This means that they should be watched more than 60-70% of the video length. This way, YouTube’s algorigthm will rank you better. The logic behind this is quite simple – hi retention means views are interested and this would mean the video is hi quality in nature.

So whether you are a website owner, blogger, musician or a business person, YouTube can definite help you market your product or service better start creating great videos. Make sure that they have informative content. If they have no information, no one will watch them. Once the videos are up, then you can buy some views and get them ranked on top of YouTube. This will help you get more traffic to your website and more sales to your business. Good luck!

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8 thoughts on “Buy Youtube Views for promoting your video

  1. Is it safe to buy youtube views? i would like to rank my video oin page 1 of youtube using hi retention views for cheap. whats the best site to buy them?

  2. I have seen many sites that are offering buy YouTube Views and Get 1,000 Views for free, are those sites real? i am looking for Buy YouTube Views from good provider that sell genuine hi retention views at best price possible to promote my business through YouTube.. then I will also add some youtube likes and subscribers and see how it goes.

  3. I paid for purchasing views on and 5 days later my video has 66k views. Youtube has already ranked my video on page 1 for my main keyword.

    So i think the best way to rank your video highest is to buy youtube views on your channel and then make some backlinks to your video. make sure the views are safe and legitimate, so youtube does not ban you.

  4. I agree that buying youtube views works only if you are purchasing quality views. Only real views will help your video to rank on youtube and google. Apart from that, you create quality videos and have likes and comments too. If the vid has 1000 views but 0 likes or comments, then it could be easily mentioned as fake!

  5. How to Buy real youtube views? I dont want fake views on my youtube channel as i am a youtube partner and my monetization is enabled. Is the view organic and is the audience targeted?

  6. i dont understand why do you want to purchase views? just create a great video, if you can’t then you shouldn’t be on youtube anyway.

    Another way is to pay someone and get a video made, with good script and once its ready ask your friends to share on facebook, twitter, etc, so it goes viral. If the video isn’t talented or funny then it will not go viral anyways, no matter how much you buy youtube views for your videos

  7. dominik, its simple.. people purchase them because they are cheap and these views can increase the viewcount and likes as well as retention time. These are the factors that yt uses to rank any video on their website. youtube is a goldmine and people just want their share by boostng viewcount.

    with the tremendous competition today, even if you have a great funny video or very entertaining one even then its not easy to go viral, unless the channel gets an extra push. thats how the big guys do like – j bieber, sony, vevo, musicians and gamers, everyone purchases yt viewz

  8. what is the #1 source to buy youtube views cheap? im confused on how to easily acquire these views. some sites are selling views for as cheapest price ($4.00) are those real youtube views? Also, pls suggest me if I should be buying likes and subscribers on my channel for my youtube videos. THanks

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